/Brexit vote setback for Boris Johnson in Parliament – live updates – CNN

Brexit vote setback for Boris Johnson in Parliament – live updates – CNN


Westminster is buzzing. Sitting just outside the reporters’ gallery, silence is sporadically broken by the cheering and jeering of lawmakers meters away. Occasionally, the noise from the anti-Brexit demonstrators who have shut down a major part of central London drifts through the windows. 

Inside Parliament, members of the public are eager to get into the public gallery to watch MPs debate the future of this country.

If you wanted an idea of how important today is: people are standing in a queue to join another queue. At the end of the second queue, you can watch the debate on television while waiting for up to four hours to take a seat in the public gallery, which holds about 100-120 people. 

Inside the debating chamber, the mood is tense. It doesn’t take much for the Brexit factions, who have been arguing now for three years, to erupt and start yelling at one another. 

It’s no doubt going to be raucous later when they actually get to vote on things. 

Outside Parliament, anti-Brexit and pro-Brexit demonstrators are paving the street. Today there happens to be an anti-Brexit rally so one side is better represented. But the streets are thick with people waving flags and holding signs. 

How today ultimately plays out remains anyone’s guess. But it’s obvious to anyone that something important is happening. 

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