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Golden Globes 2020: Live updates – CNN

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/AP
Paul Drinkwater/NBC/AP

Kate McKinnon, presenting The Carol Burnett Award to Ellen DeGeneres at the Golden Globes, read off a list of why she is thankful for the talk show host, which jokingly ranged from two pairs of Stan Smith sneakers, to the more serious “desire to bring everyone together by laughing about the things we all have in common.”

The “Saturday Night Live” star also listed “my best collared shirts,” and the inspiration behind her own bravery to come out.

Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal Media/Getty Images
Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal Media/Getty Images

“She risked her life and entire career,” McKinnon said of DeGeneres, who came out on her sitcom, “Ellen,” in 1997.

“Thank you Ellen for giving me a shot, a shot at a good life and thank you for the sweater with the picture of the baby goat on it,” McKinnon said.

DeGeneres took the stage to thank McKinnon, send thoughts to Australia for their bushfires, and to thank Burnett herself, who she had been sitting next to throughout dinner.

“I knew coming in I would win,” she lightheartedly joked of the honor.

Her wife Portia de Rossi looked on smiling as DeGeneres joked she’d make a 25-minute speech starting with her birth and jumping to her sitcom.

“After that I got a talk show and I was able to be myself and that was 17 years ago,” she said.

Saying now people know the real Ellen, she joked, “I couldn’t have done it without my husband Mark.” She then told their “children,” “Rupert and Fiona go to bed.”

But seriously.

“All I ever wanted to do was make people feel good and laugh,” she said, adding that she’s “so so grateful” to be a part of the power of television” if it helps others go out and be good, go out and be kind.

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