/Homeowner says she got racist letter for showing support for Black Lives Matter

Homeowner says she got racist letter for showing support for Black Lives Matter

Town officials say they are “appalled” at the “gut-wrenching words” in the note.

Officials in the town of Stoneham, Massachusetts, are “appalled” by the “gut-wrenching words” used in an anonymously typed letter allegedly placed in the mailbox of a resident who has lawn signs that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dr. Erin Tracy Bradley told ABC News affiliate WCVB that she received a letter this week that was littered with racist rhetoric and aggressive language and reported it to the police.

During the last two months since the police-involved death of George Floyd was seen on a bystander’s cellphone video and posted on social media, protests have sparked and racial tensions have risen around the world.

The letter allegedly scolded Bradley for lowering “the value of your neighbor’s property” by placing Black Lives Matter signs on her lawn and “embarrassing yourself and family in front of a good community.”

ABC News has not obtained the letter.

“This is obviously someone who is hurting and is full of hatred and anger,” said Bradley, who reported the letter to the Stoneham Police Department on Thursday according to the station.

“I was appalled by the contents of this letter, and want to make clear that this type of behavior is uncalled for and has no place in our community,” said Stoneham Police Chief James Macintyre in a press release on Friday.

The Town Administrator Dennis Sheehan said the town has had a “number of events highlighting the need for change in society” and made a “historic step” by naming their first Black leader of their town’s board.

“Despite all of these positive steps, we then see these gut-wrenching words used in our community,” said Sheehan in a statement.

Board of Selectmen Chairwoman Raymie Parker denounced the opinions in the anonymous letter in a statement and showed her support for Bradley and “all who raise their voices in support of racial justice.”

While the author of the note is alleged to have told Bradley to leave the neighborhood and warned her that they are “looking forward to seeing her around the community” police told her it wasn’t a direct threat. That “obviously made her feel a little uneasy,” said Bradley.

The case is under investigation.

“Our town is better than this, our community is better than this but unfortunately racism is still very real and sometimes painful,” said Bradley.

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