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Live updates: Corey Lewandowski testifies – CNNPolitics


In an exchange with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), Corey Lewandowski denied feeling “squeamish” about delivering President Trump’s message to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He said he instead took his children to the beach around the time he was being asked to deliver it.

Lewandowski also denied Johnson’s assertion Trump “hounded” him about getting the message to Sessions, but he seemed to slip up when he said Trump hadn’t asked him about it on “multiple occasions.” When Johnson inquired if Trump had asked him on “one occasion,” Lewandowski referred him back to the Mueller report.

Some background: Lewandowski was heavily referenced in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which described how Trump tried to stop the investigation into his campaign and re-focus the probe on preventing future meddling. The report says Trump repeatedly directed Lewandowski in 2017 to deliver this message to Sessions, but Lewandowski ignored Trump and didn’t follow through.

Here’s a portion of today’s exchange:

Johnson: President Trump was hounding you about when are you going to deliver that message, correct?

Lewandowski: Completely inaccurate, congressman.

Johnson: Well, he asked you about it a few times, didn’t he?

Lewandowski: No, he did not.

Johnson: He never asked you whether or not you had delivered that message?

Lewandowski: Not on multiple occasions, no.

Johnson: One occasion…okay…he did mention it on one occasion to you?

Lewandowski: I don’t know if that’s in the report, sir, or not.

Johnson: And you told him that, yeah I’m going to get around to it, I’m gonna deliver it, correct?

Lewandowski: I’d have to see the reference to the Mueller report where that is, sir.

Johnson: It’s in the report…

Lewandowski: Can you direct me to the book and page so I can review that?

Johnson: I don’t need to waste any time with that….

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