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The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry – CNNPolitics


Following news that a witness in the impeachment inquiry would defy subpoena and not appear this morning to testify in the impeachment inquiry, chairman of the House Intel committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, said that witnesses “need to do their duty and show up.”

On former White House official Charles Kupperman who did not show up today, Schiff said, “He was compelled to appear by a lawful Congressional subpoena” adding that last week a district court “ruled that the impeachment inquiry is valid.”

Last night, the committees running the inquiry received a letter from Kupperman’s lawyer saying that he would ask a federal judge to rule on whether he had to appear. “The lawsuit that Dr. Kupperman filed in district court has no basis in law,” Schiff said in response.

“A private citizen cannot sue the Congress to try to avoid coming in when they’re served with a lawful subpoena,” Schiff said.

Kupperman was expected to deliver key testimony in the inquiry. The former National Security Council official was on the July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymor Zelensky.

“If this witness had something to say that would be helpful to White House, they would want him to come and testify,” Schiff said. “They plainly don’t.”

Asked whether these sorts of legal challenges would delay the impeachment inquiry, Schiff said, “No, we will not allow the White House to delay our investigation.”

“We are not willing to allow the White House to engage us in a lengthy game of rope-a-dope in the courts,” he said.

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