/Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller claims Democrats did not take action to fund the Postal Service

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller claims Democrats did not take action to fund the Postal Service

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, appears on ABC’s “This Week”

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the President Donald Trump‘s campaign, said Sunday that Democrats are not “not even here dealing with it,” when asked about negotiations over the coronavirus relief bill, which includes funding for mail in ballots.

In a separate interview ahead of Miller on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., slammed the Republican efforts in the negotiations.

“There’s not a stalemate. Democrats sat down, Mitch McConnell did not participate in the negotiations. You had Donald Trump — any day could invite Democrats and Republicans to the White House, he didn’t,” Sanders said. “Their job was to stymie and make sure there were no agreements because half of the Republicans in the United States Senate do not want to contribute another nickel to American workers’ health during this crisis. That’s the reality.”

In response, Miller told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, “I think it’s a little disingenuous for Bernie and the rest of the Democrats to be making so much noise on this. They weren’t trying to do it in February or March or April or May, and this is something that just is popping up now.”

Stephanopoulos pushed back and said, “Well in fact, Jason, the Democrats did take action. Earlier in the spring the House passed a $25 billion dollar emergency funding bill for the Postal Service.”

He also pointed out that it’s not just Democrats raising concerns, but Sen. Mitt Romney, who was the nominee for the Republican Party in 2012.

On Friday, Romney, R-Utah, said, “I don’t know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud. … The good news is that if there were some allegation of impropriety, you’d be able to get the physical ballots and look at them and see if the signatures match the people who were supposedly the voters, whether the person was still alive, and so forth.”

In response Sunday, Miller said “Mitt Romney is wrong, just like he was wrong in 2012 and blew the election to Barack Obama — a race we should have won, by the way. Mitt Romney should take a look at Paterson, New Jersey, where upwards of a quarter of all the votes were thrown out.”

Both Attorney General William Barr and Trump have pointed to reports of alleged fraud in a special election in Paterson, New Jersey, this past May, where several city officials have faced voter fraud charges and the county elections board rejected nearly 20% of mail-in ballots submitted.

Election security experts have argued that the Paterson election, by contrast, shows that safeguards to protect against fraud actually worked effectively given the alleged fraud was quickly reported out to state officials.

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