/Trump thinks Joe Biden has had plastic surgery: report – Business Insider

Trump thinks Joe Biden has had plastic surgery: report – Business Insider

  • Rumors that former Vice President Joe Biden has had surgery done aren’t new, and privately, New York Magazine reports, President Donald Trump “has marveled” at his competitor’s cosmetic procedures.
  • Specifically, there’s supposedly a scar behind Biden’s ear from a face-lift procedure – one that he may have gotten before starting his 2020 campaign. 
  • Sources who know Trump personally say he’s against plastic surgery, especially procedures that leave the person looking worse.
  • Trump apparently doesn’t think Biden’s supposed procedures did him any favors.
  • Trump has reportedly said that his fear of Biden has diminished after seeing him on the campaign trail. 
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How does President Donald Trump feel about the current 2020 Democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden? Well, for one thing, he apparently doesn’t like the “work” he thinks he’s had done.

In a New York Magazine profile of Biden on his 2020 campaign trail, reporter Olivia Nuzzi notes that behind the former Vice President’s ear, there’s supposedly a very observable scar from a face-lift. Some cosmetic surgeons say it’s obvious that Biden had the procedure done, and that whoever did it wasn’t careful enough to hide the evidence.

“In the timeline of images from throughout his career, you can observe as he grows older and then younger and then older but somehow more elegant and alert,” Nuzzi writes in the profile. “His hair is white now but thicker than it was in the 1980s. He’s thinner, but his cheeks are fuller than they were in 2008. To be honest with you, he looks good. He’s almost 77!”

Trump Biden

US President Donald Trump (L) shakes hands with former US President Barack Obama (C) and former vice-President Joe Biden after being sworn in as President on January 20, 2017 at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Apparently, Trump isn’t a fan, according to Nuzzi, who doesn’t cite a source for the information.

Nuzzi says sources who know the president personally say he doesn’t like plastic surgery – although that may only be for men, because he once reportedly considered having his daughter Ivanka get breast implants to advance her modeling career, according to the book “Born Trump.” 

But the president especially doesn’t like when plastic surgery isn’t done well, and he isn’t impressed by what he thinks Biden has had cosmetically altered, according to the article. 

Initially, sources say Trump was worried by Biden’s chances, and that’s reflected in some of his own tweets, such as when he predicted in April that the Democratic primary champion would be either Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders.

Now, as Biden continues to draw closer to being outranked by Senator Elizabeth Warren in poll aggregates, Trump is apparently less concerned. Biden has failed to garner any upward momentum, starting off strong as President Barack Obama’s former right-hand man, but faltering against his policy-minded opponents, like Warren and Sanders.

A senior White House official told New York Magazine that Biden is no longer “the guy he was worried about,” and that has a lot to do with Biden’s “look,” along with what Trump perceives as poor speaking skills and small crowd sizes.

But the race between Trump and Biden is only intensifying – after all, Trump is currently facing impeachment for, in his chief of staff’s own words, trying to bargain with Ukraine to get damaging information on Biden and his son, Hunter. Most recently, the Trump campaign also snagged a Biden-affiliated URL for its own anti-Biden campaigning, and the Biden campaign responded by doing the same to a planned pro-Trump URL.

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