/Two dead as car drives into pedestrian area in Trier, Germany

Two dead as car drives into pedestrian area in Trier, Germany

The driver has been arrested, police said.

“We arrested one person and one vehicle was seized,” Trier Police posted on Twitter. “According to initial findings, two people have died. Please continue to avoid the city center.”

The authorities have called on the public to avoid the city center and avoid spreading speculation about the incident. Several people have been injured, and more information will soon follow, Trier Police said.

There is no indication of an ongoing threat. The pedestrian zone — which in verified footage from the scene appears to be a shopping district in the center of Trier — has been cordoned off. Trier lies just inside the German border with Luxembourg, and the suspect is a 51 year-old from the Trier-Saarburg.

“I am shocked and deeply shaken by the crime in my hometown #Trier,” Malu Dreyer, a local lawmaker, said in a statement. “My deepest sympathy goes to the relatives of the dead. I wish all the injured will recover soon and quickly.Thanks to all the emergency services. I will be in #Trier soon.”

The investigation is still ongoing, and the Trier Police spokesperson told ABC News it was “way too soon” to establish a motive.

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