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Whistleblowers complaint is coming – CNNPolitics


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tasked the Intelligence Committee to take the lead on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, telling her colleagues that the probe will be focused on allegations that he asked the leader of Ukraine to initiate an investigation that could have benefited his reelection, according to sources involved in the conversations.

Democrats no longer plan to make the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into potential obstruction of justice central to their impeachment push, which has been under review by the House Judiciary Committee, though Pelosi has told Democrats that the probe into those and other matters will continue.

The focus, however, will be squarely on the whistleblower allegations of wrongdoing by the President, as Democrats push to rapidly move forward on formal articles of impeachment as soon as this fall.

The decision to make the House Intelligence Committee the lead is a shift from how Pelosi characterized the strategy earlier this week when she said the probe would be done by six committees under the “umbrella” of an impeachment inquiry. The initial description led to some confusion among members about how the investigation would take shape.

The process is now expected to play out like this: The House Intelligence Committee will continue with its probe but the House Judiciary Committee will vote on the articles of impeachment before the full House takes up the matter.

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